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Our Services

We offer you customized IT solutions that are specifically tailored to your requirements. We focus on the development of light-weight solutions that can be seamlessly integrated with your existing applications. Our experienced development team works in an agile way to achieve your goals and deliver first-class results. We understand the importance of meeting milestones and delivering results within a specific time frame. Therefore we work with maximum efficiency to ensure your projects are completed on time. Depending on the service, we offer different billing models that are based on the project requirements and scope.

Agil Dev

Customized Software Development

We develop customized enterprise software solutions as well as individual web and app applications that are tailored to your specific requirements. We work closely with you to define the type of collaboration, clarify requirements and key information so that we can proceed in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner. You can choose between a collaborative model, where our experts are integrated into your team, or a comprehensive all-around service approach. We bring not only technical expertise but also a deep understanding of your specific requirements and challenges. Our expertise in full-stack development is based on long-term experience and in-depth know-how, which guarantees the highest quality and performance.

Analyze & Requirements

  • Identification of customer's specific requirements and needs
  • Clarification of functionalities, security requirements and other relevant aspects

Conception and Planning

  • Design of a structured architecture and a development plan
  • Definition of technologies, platforms and frameworks

UX Design und Prototyping

  • Creation of a visual design for the user interface
  • Creation of prototypes to visualize functions and interactions

Software Development

  • Realization of the software according to the specifications
  • Implementation of functions and backend logic according to the latest standards, with a focus on test-driven development, CI/CD, as well as automated tests and deployments

Testing und Qualitätssicherung

  • Performing functional & non-functional tests to ensure safety and performance requirements
  • Collecting customer feedback
  • Ensuring that the software meets the requirements and quality standards

Software Deployment

  • Installation via Infrastructure as a Code (IaaS), automated infrastructure deployments and configuration
  • Guarantee of a smooth start
Software optimization


Our IT consulting services aim to optimize both new and existing technology landscapes and implement forward-looking solutions. We follow a holistic approach that includes both software and security-related aspects. With our expertise, we support you in the integration, adaptation and optimization of new solutions in your existing IT landscape.

Software Optimization

  • Analyzing and adapting existing software
  • Application optimization
  • Review of existing software with regard to performance, scalebility & security

Efficient Solutions for Sustainable Success

  • Implementation of cloud services
  • Introduction of scalable IT architectures

Software Development Process Optimization

  • Introduction of modern software development approaches (Agile, DevOps)
  • Supporting the team in the application of best practices
  • Process analysis and customization for more efficient development

Team Development & Training

  • Coaching and mentoring of the development team
  • Identification of opportunities for growth and further development
Scalable architectures


Our expertise lies in the selection, configuration and management of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) & Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) in the cloud. We aim to ensure a smooth and scalable infrastructure for you. We rely on automated provisioning with state-of-the-art tools like Terraform, to ensure efficient implementation.

Cloud Infrastructure Selection

  • Requirenments analysis
  • Cloud platform selection (AWS, Azure, etc.)
  • Configuration according to best practices

Security Integration

  • Implementation of security standards and protocols
  • Data protection and encryption strategies

Scalable Architectures

  • Design and implementation of scalable systems
  • Automation for smooth scalability

Performance Optimization

  • Monitoring and optimization of resource utilization
  • Load balancing for optimum performance

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • Backup and recovery strategies
  • Protection against data loss

Cost Optimization

  • Monitoring and adjustment of resources for optimal cost-benefit efficiency
Artificial Intelligence

AI Services

With our AI services and customized services, you have a wide range of options open to create intelligent solutions for your company. We work closely with you to analyze your business processes, identify challenges and develop customized AI solutions that are perfectly tailored to your needs. Revolutionize your business processes and discover the possibilities of artificial intelligence.


Seamlessly integrate powerful AI models into your applications and gain a competitive advantage with innovative solutions.

AI Search

Improve the user experience and increase the efficiency of your search functions with our intelligent search solutions

AI Speech

With the integration of speech recognition and -processing, we improved the communication and interaction within your applications.

AI Vision

Gain valuable insights through automated image analyses that recognize objects, faces and text in images and videos.

AI Translator

We help you bridge language barriers and facilitate your communication by translating texts and languages in real time.


Use advanced language processing functions to analyze and understand natural language.

Document Intelligence

We show you how you can extract structured data from a wide range of documents using AI and thereby improve the efficiency of your document processing.

Content Safety

Protect your platforms and content from inappropriate content and improve the security of your digital environment.

Video Indexer

Automatically analyze and structure videos to identify important information and gain valuable insights.
Project management

IT-Project Management

Our IT project management service supports you from efficient planning to the ongoing implementation and monitoring of your projects. We aim to ensure that your goals are continuously achieved.

Efficient Project Planning

  • Definition of the goals and milestones
  • Resource allocation and time management
  • Risk management and budget planning

Project Monitoring

  • Continuous monitoring of project progress
  • Real-time report and communication

Quality Assurance

  • Implementation of quality standards and processes
  • Continuous review and improvement of project results

Risk Management

  • Identification of potential risks and countermeasurement
  • Continuous monitoring and adjustment of risk strategies

Change Management

  • Effective management of changes and adjustments during the course of the project

Communication and Stakeholder Management

  • Effective communication with all stakeholders
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction and fulfilment of expectations

Recruiting Services

Specialised IT headhunters! We do the technical interviews for you!

Our recruiting service is based on many years of expertise in the selection of qualified IT professionals. Thanks to our own recruiting experience, we understand the requirements and challenges of the IT industry and are able to identify the best candidates for you. We make sure that your team is staffed with the best talents. With us, you benefit from a customized selection process in which you make the final decisions.

IT-Soft Skills

IT-Hard Skills

Analysis of Customer Needs and Definition of Requirements

  • Clarification of the required qualifications and skills
  • Creation of a detailed requirements profile

Candidate Evaluation

  • Identification of potential candidates
  • Assessment of qualifications and experience
  • Proactive monitoring and maintenance


  • Conducting technical interviews
  • Software development principles and techniques
  • Coding Check

Selection Procedure

  • Support during the final selection


Our workshops offer intensive training sessions that contain a balanced mix of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises. From database courses to machine learning, our experts impart practical know-how that can be applied directly in everyday work life.

Our workshops

Customer focus

Pricing model

Our services are designed to integrate seamlessly with your individual requirements and business objectives. We offer flexible pricing models that allow you to choose the optimal solution for your project. Each model offers specific benefits and allows you to keep control over budget and scope.

Our pricing models